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Re: SEUL: Of methods and goals and mice and men

Victor Chou writes:
>>GIMP comes immediately to the mind.  I also want a WYSYWIG Word
>>processor (THOT if it is stable), a modeller (AC3D), a spreadsheet
>>(Wingz).  Yes AC3D and WINGZ are shareware in LINUX world but I think
>>it is valid to include sharewares or commercial software you can use
>>gratis for a limited time (long limit) if it is good, its
>>policies are acceptable and we can't find a good free substitute.
>The trick is not to include too much, or else you swamp the user with
>things that are beyond the capabilities of a beginner. A "Simple End User"
>won't be needing a modeller. And most won't need any graphics program more
>powerful than a viewer/converter.
How about an HTML document with a short description, along the lines of
the .lsm file, and a link to where it can be downloaded.

Must be kept pointing to accurate, active, sites.
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