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SEUL: (xterm-oid) GGI emulator for X (fwd)

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>From lso8219@pony-express.cs.rit.edu Fri Aug 15 16:13:57 1997
From: lso8219@pony-express.cs.rit.edu (Loren S Osborn)
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Subject: (xterm-oid) GGI emulator for X
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Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 16:13:40 -0400 (EDT)
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My name is Loren Osborn, and I'm helping work on the "Simple Eund-User Linux"
distribution (SEUL).  This is a Linux distribution geared toward novice
users that would otherwise feel comfortable in a point-n-click M$-ish
environment.  In order to accomplish this goal, we need GUI tools that the
users feel comfortable with.  Much discussion has centered around how this
should be implemented, and what environment(s) it should run under.  I have
been looking into single source-code/multi-environment options.  Natrully
GGI comes to mind.

I remember reading about GGI several months ago.  As I recall there were plans
for a xterm-like program that would emulate GGI under X.  Is this  idea still
being considered?  I believe that such a program would be of great benifit to
both of our projects.  For GGI is would provide developers an environment to
implement and test GGI applications without incorporating experimental code
into their kernel. Once the Linux community saw applications existed for GGI
it would be likely that it would gain user support and enthusiasm.  For SEUL
it would provide a easy method for a single source code tree could operate in
3 of our possible 8 target envronments (actually , the 3 environments with
the most enthusiastic discussion behind them.)

Any information on the status of such a program would be very valuble in
helping us make decisions.

Loren Osborn

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