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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

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   Jean Francois Martinez writes:
   > I am not so sure about than there are more dpkg's than rpm's.

   There are more official Debian package than official Red Hat packages.

Choosing RPM over DPKG is a decision to be taken in part by which one
allows the easiest building.  The other factor is than if most of time
the starting point is a DPKG it takes more time to produce an RPM than
to hack the DPKG in order to make it suitable for SEUL.  (No using
ALIEN for seul: it loses the install scripts).

The problem is: DEBIAN has hackers in mind (see my previous posting
with the Emacs example) so you will rarely be able to use the package
out of the box for SEUL, meanwhile a number of RedHat packages could
be used "as they are" for SEUL.

Second: You will more often be confronted with an RPM and no DPKG than
the opposite.  If the RPM is not like you want, fixing it is easier
than building a DPKG out of thin air.

   > Of course the Debian team produced DPKGs of the above but, you get the
   > newest and greatest version somewhat later,

   The latest is often the buggiest, not the greatest.  Every Debian package
   is supported by a maintainer who has installed and debugged it in his
   Debian system.  Given the target market for seul, it should include only
   well tested and supported software.

That means only than with Debian you get the buggy
Enlightenment-DR-0.9 by the time the author releases the much fixed
0.11 in RPM form.

And the first time I tried Debian NFS was unusable (so no NFS install)
because the module did not match the kernel version.  So much for
Debian quality.

That was provocation.  But my position is than we must not choose the
distribution to build upon based on which one we use and like but
basing in which one is the nearest to our goals.  The less we will
have to work on fixing packages for user friendliness the more we will
be able to concentrate on genuine improvements.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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