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The big problem with both DPKG and RPM, are that niether support our yet-to-
be- written configuration GUI.  I'm not suggesting we should start over, but
maybe debate which package format we like, and create a i.e. SPM ("SEUL Package
manager") format almost 100% the same as the DPKG or RPM (or other) but with
whatever other info SEUL needs (including a configuration module --see below--
) as required fields.  this would give us 2 things:

1) the ability to add custom information to our packages.  allowing SEUL
packages to be 100% automated.

2) allow us to verify that packages are stabel enough for SEUL users before
releasing them.

configuration GUI:

I think if we are planning on having a configuratino GUI of some sort, it
should be extendable.. i.e. when I add tape-drive support, I want to see
i.e. a tape-drive icon added to the control panel somewhere.  Maybe not on
the top level, but say under "hardware support".  Also, under MS-* or Mac*
each application has it's own configuration menus.  incorporationg such a
thing into ALL UNIX APPS would be immpossible... how about a window manager
button that pops up a context sensitive control panel that pops up with
options for that particular program.  *BUT* if we are going to allow the user
to configure new applications from a GUI, the GUI must be extendable, *AND*
each package must include a control panel extention.

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