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At 17:54 1997-08-20 -0400, you wrote:
>The big problem with both DPKG and RPM, are that niether support our yet-to-
>be- written configuration GUI. 

Why would not RPM support 'our yet-to-be-written configuration GUI'?

Don't invent new things when there are reasonable existig options.
(Am I repeating myself?) If you want some change in RPM and manage
to convince Re Hat to introduce that in the next version, fine, but
don't cause incompatibilities! That would be stupid.

Please enlighten me, what is it that RPM can't handle that we desire?
Of course you will have to provide the GUI, but what is lacking in

I know that the currently available packages aren't configured for a
yet unexistent SEUL configuration GUI (GUI?), but what is lacking in
RPM? Wouldn't it be enough to include some proper installation scripts
and possibly some extra data file in the package to provide all we need?
This means that there are extra requirements when packaging RPMs to make
them configure automatically with SEUL, but I can see no reason why that
would preclude RPM as it is today.

Write whatever software you want to handle the packages, but DON'T mess
with the package format!

Ok, I've repeatedly said RPM here, but that's just an example, OK? It
could as well have been DEB (I think).

By the way, I would suggest that people take a look at:
Food for thought...


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