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Re: SEUL: gui toolkits

Loren S Osborn wrote:
> I don't know it's status, but if LIP(Linux Interface Project -
> http://blank.pages.de/lip/ ) might be a viable option...
> Maybe, if LIP isn't where we need it, we maybe be able to adopt it, advance it
> to a stable product in all of our desired enviornments,

Well, since the code is L(!)GPLed, this wouldn't be a problem,
nevertheless, I'd rather suggest to help the LIP team out a little
if you want to have a stable toolkit available sooner.

As for now, I'd suggest to stick to one of the existing solutions,
such as Perl/Tk, or possibly the Gtk, but be ready for a
transission to one of the newer object oriented toolkits,
such as the LIP frameworks, the Xclass library, or a
Java or Objective-C solution - especially for larger applications.

While neither Xclass nor the LIP frameworks are usable right now,
I have the impression that either toolkit would simplify
programming of large systems significantly, due to the well-
designed set of classes the two libraries present.

As a general note, I'd suggest that the SEUL team works
closely with the other people working in the area of
improving the Linux Desktop or writing better GUI applications,
e.g. the LIP (http://blank.pages.de, not up-to-date, will be
updated a few days from now), the fOX ("lin99", using xclass) team
(http:// (I'll update you on this one) ), the Free Software
Union (http://www.fslu.org, to be completely revised by August 15th),
and possibly some others.  (The FSU is actually meant to be a
forum for Free Software developers, among other things)

> and possibly even promote it to (for instance) replace Qt in
> KDE... making it a 100% GPLd project.

Well, I doubt they're interested.  If another C++ toolkit
has significant advantages over Qt, they will notice, though, I guess.


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