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Re: SEUL: Debian versus RedHat and DPKG versus RPM

Bon jour ...

> From:          jfm2@club-internet.fr:

> You think than because RedHat is a commercial company the software it
> develops is not GPLed.  You are wrong.  ALL the Redhat softwrae is
> GPLed: RPM is GPLed, Glint is GPLed, control-panel and all its
> components are GPLed.

Yes, that's correct but other components (and applications) won't be.
Applix and other applications they are developing and will develop 
are not to be GPLed. On the contrary, everything Debian does and will 
do is GPLed: In this, I'm gettin to the point when the OS will have 
modules which are not GPLed (such as it happens with several 
libraries which have gone commercial).

> Official Redhat includes THREE non-GPLed, non-RedHat, proprietary
> packages: the RedBaron and Grail web browsers, the MetroLink X
> server.  And you can live without them.

Yes, you can now. But you do not know how those pieces and other 
pieces will integrate into the OS, in the future.

> So GPL is not an argument in the RedHat versus Debian.  It could be
> for the minor distributions.

> Nevertheless I think GPLed or not GPLed we should review minor
> distributions.  

Yes, which ones ? Caldera ?- It seems pretty cool but Caldera is
considered a scavenger of the Linux community :-). At least, that's
the perception here.


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