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Re: SEUL: Debian versus RedHat and DPKG versus RPM

> From:          "Erik Walthinsen (Omega)" <omega@sequent.com>:

> This means, however, that if we start migrating the majority of SEUL from
> one distrib to another, we make keeping up with the latest and greatest
> much more difficult.  If we divorce ourselves completely from our initial
> distrib, we are back to square one as far as maintainence.  If we work
> closely from the initial distrib, new releases and new package versions
> can be rolled back into our sources with minimal fuss.

I hate this 'I agree' messages but I just happen to agree 100% with 
Erik in this. I'm sure the coders will take the right decision. 
You'll be supported any way you go. 


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