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Re: SEUL: Debian versus RedHat and DPKG versus RPM

> From:          jfm2@club-internet.fr

> And about future.  I scan new groups and the tone of messages is
> changing.  The novelty is than a few months ago people coming to Linux
> were Windows hackers, now there are messages from people who are not
> hackers.  If SEUL is not issued soon, they will return to Windows
> ("Linux is unusable") and it will be impossible to get them back
> ("Burn me once...").  Furthermore they will tell to their friends than
> Linux is not for normal people.  

This is an interesting point. I know many scientists who've tested
Linux and gone back to the 'productivity' OSes/apps due to the 
time-effectivity of the OS to non-hacker oriented users. But as there 
are several qualities surrounding this system (i.e. free and good 
quality apps, high speed responses in support as well as frustration 
concerning the cost-effectivity and relative low quality of 
commercial products, further budget cuts, etc.) which 
won't change. Hence, many users who attempted to migrate to Linux at 
anyone stage will come back. This will, also, be an issue for 
marketing. Once SEUL ships, we'll have to run heavy PR towards the 
academic community and to the average users through newspapers, 
magazines, international organizations, etc. We'll have a D-day :-)
and this is not an 'overkill'. We have just to reach everyone who 
might be interested and to use the right channels to do so.


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