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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

> Yes, they will. As long as SEUL is not established (and has proven 
> better than other alternatives) the main core of users will be 
> migrants. Migration is not accomplished over night. People will test 
> the system. If the systems doesn't allow running multiple OSes, many 
> people may not even migrate. Most people don't have money to dedicate 
> a single box for testin purposes.
Quite.  Though migration per se is more defined as conversion, but that's 
just semantics.  The only people who will be installing SEUL on fresh systems 
are hackers installing for their brother/sister and computer manufacturers.  
Everyone else will already have an OS installed, and will likely want to have 
the two coexist.  There should be quite a bit of work put into making sure 
this all works.

> By the time SEUL may be released, it'll be Win95 (1), Win98(2), MSDOS 
> with and without Win3x (3) and OS2 (4).
This is a reasonable list.  One OS you forgot, however, is NT.  This is 
likely to be the primary crowd that migrates, because people running NT are 
generally more technically inclined (IS wouldn't install it as a default OS, 
anyway), and thus are more likely to consider SEUL a cool alternative and 
have the willingness to try it.  Unfortunately, NT provides it's own 
problems for migration, specifically NTFS.  Support for NTFS is still beta, 
and there is no FIPS equiv for it yet.  Something to think about...

> The other question should be turned around: SEUL is an alternative, 
> not a standard, and we should ask, IMO, how compatible is SEUL to the 
> other OSes.
This will be the case initially, though if things go well SEUL will *be* the 
standard somewhere around 2.0.  What, me optimistic?  Nah...

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