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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

On 23 Aug 97,  Bill Thanis <seul-project@seul.org>  wrote:

> Will our average user be running multiple OS's? 

Yes, they will. As long as SEUL is not established (and has proven 
better than other alternatives) the main core of users will be 
migrants. Migration is not accomplished over night. People will test 
the system. If the systems doesn't allow running multiple OSes, many 
people may not even migrate. Most people don't have money to dedicate 
a single box for testin purposes.

> Which ones, and how compatible are they to linux.

By the time SEUL may be released, it'll be Win95 (1), Win98(2), MSDOS 
with and without Win3x (3) and OS2 (4).

The other question should be turned around: SEUL is an alternative, 
not a standard, and we should ask, IMO, how compatible is SEUL to the 
other OSes.


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