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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

Aldo-Pier Solari writes:
> New nomenclature, new parameters, new HD partitioning, new military-like
> names on applications, documentation ....

And fragility.  Most people don't seem to have too much trouble installing
Linux as long as everything goes perfectly smoothly.  The trouble comes
when something out of the ordinary happens.

The seul install must be robust.  It must never leave either the system
*or the user* in an unknown or unstable state.

> Is it impossible for a coder to implement an algorithm to figure out HD
> partitioning based upon HD features and the packages and needs the user
> has?

Yes.  There is no way for any algorithm to discover that she wants to
reserve space for the copy of Solaris that she ordered yesterday.

> You have to listen and watch what *other* users say about it not what you
> as a 'geek' will say about it.

Absolutely right (though I would prefer not to be called a "geek").
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