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Re: SEUL: Idea for SEUL startup

>> I'd code these programs myself, only  if someone told me why I
>> can't do two gets() or fgets() functions (the second just skips right
by). Any ideas?

Erh... gets() is probably a function you should just forget that you 
ever heard about. At least if the software is in the tinyest bit related 
to security issues. (It's probably a good habit to learn never to use it.)
It introduces rather bad security problems if you ever happen to read in a
string that is longer than what you declared. Then data from this string
will overwrite other variable data. This is how the great internet worm
managed to cause chaos all over USA once upon a time... So, always use
fgets() instead.

Whoops, this was _not_ the teach old C tricks mailing list. Sorry, I'll
shut up now...

Magnus Lycka, Folktrov. 6C, 907 51 Umea, Sweden
+46(0)90 198 498, magnus.lycka@tripnet.se, www1.tripnet.se/~mly

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