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Re: SEUL: Idea for SEUL startup

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   > Hi there,
   > 	I've just joined this mailing list, and I have a few ideas on how
   > this distribution could become friendlier: 
   > 	1- Ditch sysvinit, write a new init.
   > 		Why? When I was a newbie with Linux, i often wanted to
   > 		start programs at bootup. But I had no clue on where to
   > 		start. The /etc/rc.d (Slack, RH) and /etc/init.d (Debian) 
   > 		are still too complicated for a normal user to understand.
   > 		I'm thinking of something like Windows, where it starts up
   > 		something like a menu, and this menu program starts up
   > 		everything thats in the folder "StartUp". Hide all the 
   > 		system init stuff, in a place where only the advanced user
   > 		would be interested. Make this program look nice, with
   > 		pretty little colors and menus (I've written a nice lib
   > 		called libac which does the color and positioning job very
   > 		well).

   What you want is a nice GUI that will create the rc.d scripts. Not really
   hard, since many things started up in there is standard stuff you can have
   radio buttons for, and a simple "startup" folder for the rest.

About every modern (notice modern and recent are different things)
distribution has a GUI for that.  And the SysVinit allows than when
you install an app it will be started automatically at boot-time and
that in a clean way without modifying any files.  So I do see the need
to replace it.  However the way it works should be better explained.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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