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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

On 24 Aug 97,  Paul Anderson <seul-project@seul.org>  wrote:

> > That's the challenge for the project.
> > 
> We're attacking this wrong - we're hackers.  

Yes, that's correct. The coders are hackers. But SEUL will, in the 
near future, incorporate non-hackers (the SEG or Seul Expert Group 
consisting of scientists, students and home users). The great 
challenge to the coders will be to code something 'Aunt Eulalia 
who's a green parrot and wants to be in the gardering list' can 
install, get started with and maintain without having to call a 
Hacking-Delta-Force :-). That's a great challenge from the technical 
point of view, man.

>a hacker is virtually incapable of understanding the nature of a 
>newbie ...

Don't agree. Hackers have been newbies as well. Thing is that hackers 
become so technical they sometimes loose anchorage in the day-2-day 
reality of the non-hacking-universe. That's why SEG's input will be 

> Now, we are incapable of understanding what a newbie wants ...

Don't worry: In the future, you'll get so much job from the SEG 
you'll wish we never existed :-)


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