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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

On Sun, 24 Aug 1997, Marcus Berglund wrote:

> these are
> the things we have up against us, but I have to say, that the question I
> get asked the most by my friends is: "What games does it have?".
> Some food for thought... MABS.
Same deal here "What games does it have?" left and right...  Now, seems to
me, that if Linux games ruled and there where LOTS of them for free, it's
popularity would increase significantly.  Now from the the sentence above,
we can discern some concerns of the newbie: (1)Security(which, IMHO, is a
decidedly valid point), (2)Will it run their Win95 junk, and (3) games.  I
know a gamer, he really doesn't care -*WHAT*- the interface is like, so
long as it's got good games.  Frankly, Win95 games suck.  This is one
serious weak spot of Win95.  TTYL!

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