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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

On Sun, 24 Aug 1997, Paul Anderson wrote:

>We're attacking this wrong - we're hackers.  And, hackers are the only
>people that can implement what newbies want, HOWEVER, a hacker is
>virtually incapable of understanding the nature of a newbie, just as a
>newbie has no idea why a hacker likes computers...  Now, we are incapable
>of understanding what a newbie wants, then >>WHY<< are we trying to design
>an interface for newbies?  We need to go to a win95 list, and pick out a
>pack of newbies to tell us what to make.  Get them over into a list, have
>them write up what they want, we laugh, and do what we can.  TTYL!

Allright, here's what my friend says about Linux: "Sounds good, and is it
really free?, but I still want to be able to run my Windows 95 programs,
mainly a few games like Red Alert and Quake. You had someone hack into
your computer a few moths ago, right?, does this mean someone can break
into mine?, Star office sounds good, and thats for free too you say!",
This has been some what compressed, and yes someone did break into my
computer, when I first got Linux (Slackware), and I left a little hole
open and someone got in and done a little damage.  This comment was made
by a person who had never touched computers until about a year ago.  Other
questions I get asked are: "Whats in it for me?" and "Linux costs nothing
and it uses a 26 year old user interface, so it must be crap!", these are
the things we have up against us, but I have to say, that the question I
get asked the most by my friends is: "What games does it have?".
Some food for thought... MABS.


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