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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

> Aldo-Pier Solari writes:
> > Every single one I know (and they are *many* :-) has had a lot of
> > problems with with the boot sector and LILO.
> Actually, I've never had any trouble with it.  I agree that it is a weak
> spot, though.  There are reportedly some alternatives: has anyone on the
> list tried any of them?

On the topic of boot loaders, I would like to relate an experience that 
happened on Friday.

There was a FREEBSD machine at my place of work, that was being converted
to a Windows 95 machine. I have no idea why. 

The HD was fdisk'd, and format to vfat, then windows 95 was installed.
It wouldn't boot off the hard drive. It would boot off the floppy, but
not the hard drive. Several hours were wasted by a half dozen computer
programmers trying to figure it out. A tech support person walked by
asked what was going on, and fixed the problem, by typing
		fdisk /MBR

The moral of the story: All boot loaders are cryptic.


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