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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

On 17-Aug-97 Kai Wetzel wrote:

>Why not say something like
>"The package(s) you selected require the following
>packages from your SEUL CD to run:
>Package A : 1032 KB
>Package B :  342 KB
>Do you want to install these packages, too ?
>(Push buttons:)                 (Default: Ok)
>[Help]                 [Cancel]  [-->Ok<--] 
>Now if the answer was "Ok", a dialog would pop
>up if the SEUL CD isn't where it belongs.

I'd say make the buttons
[>Yes<] [ Yes to all ] [ No ]         [ Help ]

and it's fine. Default Yes, but give the 'Yes to all' option.
If the user is installing several packages, it's frustrating
to have to click Yes every time. You're installing, say, 27 RPMs
which need various things. You click 'Yes to all' and let the
installer do its job.

>I don't see why this is too complicated.  Most of SEUL
>users should be familiar with clicking on some buttons on
>the screen, and if he/she has no clue, he just hits "return",
>as usual ;)

...another reason for the 'Yes to all'...

>Of course, the "Default" installation should include quite
>some of the packages which other things depend on very often,
>even if non of the "default" apps do.  (Athena, flex, yacc, ...)

Absolutely true.

>Well, 'nough said,

Juhana Siren (Mr.) - Juhana.Siren@oulu.fi - http://rieska.oulu.fi/~jsiren/
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