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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

Marcus Berglund wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Kai Wetzel wrote:
> >Of course, the "Default" installation should include quite
> >some of the packages which other things depend on very often,
> >even if non of the "default" apps do.  (Athena, flex, yacc, ...)
> >
> This is basically what Debian does (& Win95), and for the first 10 - 20
> packages, all there going to get is dependacy questions, which can easily
> put someone off, RedHat's Installer (if I remember correctly), will give
> you a screen asking for what types of packages you want, then you have the
> option to select seperately what you want, this would tend to get rid of
> alot of dependancy problems, then the above would be valid to use ...

Well, the "default" installation or the big "target group"
bundles wouldn't ask any questions if I understood the
ideas that have been discussde here.

Feedback would only be for (1)people who feel advanced
enough to select "custom" installation or (2)to install
additional package from the SEUL CD-ROM or (3)to install
packages not found on the CD-ROM.

Install Shield for '95 told me that I needed a certain SQL
server in order to run the Delphi/SQL integration so I
could easily decide not to install that part because of
disk usage requirements.

I think this is pretty convenient :-)

Then again, InstallShield scripts usually don't give the
option to select individual base libs such as the MFC 4.0
libs.  But this would be the same with installing libc,
libc++, etc. in the huge initial "basic system" package,
even in the custom install, right ?


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