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SEUL: Package reviews

> Omega, great work on the web site.

> I'm thinking about reviewing TkDesk as a file manager.
I took a look at it...  It looks pretty good.  I didn't have more than a few 
minutes of exposure, but it looks fairly mature, and there are pieces that 
look especially useful, like the filemanager.

> Is there a link on the web- site to the review format?  It might be
> encouraging for others to write up reviews as well. Also it may be a good
> place to link to the reviews.
Good idea.  Tomorrow morning when I'm awake (vs. right now) I'll figure out 
where to put that and get it online.  There are also a couple pieces that are 
under development, namely the sdoc->html parser, that are almost ready (so 
I'm told) and will allow work to proceed at full tilt.

Remember everyone: review stuff, write it up, send me the data!!!


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