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SEUL: www.seul.org updated!

The development branch of the web tree has now been merged onto the main 
trunk, or in English, the site has been completely updated.

"Features" include a new design at the top of the front page (with Larry
Ewing's penguin, even), and some stylistic tweaks.  "Powered by Linux" and
almost completely new text on the front page rounds out the modifications.

Please e-mail any comments or question to me, as this is my first real web 
site.  For all I know I may be doing things completely wrong (ok, maybe not, 
but still...)


(stats on front page: index.html + 10 images, total of 35611 bytes, transfer 
time ~12.4 sec @ 28.8K)

        Erik Walthinsen - Webmaster and infrastructure for SEUL    __
  __                                                              / /\
 /  \           omega@sequent.com         Work: (503)578-5314    / /  \
|    | M E G A  omega@aracnet.com         Home: (503)281-4281   / / /\ \
_\  /_          psu12113@odin.cc.pdx.edu  Majoring in CS       / / /\ \ \
                                                              / /_/__\ \ \
SEUL: Simple End-User Linux - creating a Linux distribution  /________\ \ \
http://www.seul.org/       for the average home/office user  \___________\/

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