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Re: SEUL: Documentation: info & postscript

> When everything's burning to the ground around you, you sure don't want an
> electrically controlled fire hydrant.  What if you want to read the
> manpages to configure or fix X?  Or the web server?  THen you're stuck
> with a useless idiotic system that bites the dust easily.  That's why I'm
> rigging seuladmin to use BOTH X and ncurses, just in case X windows is the
> thing that needs configuring(an oversight redhat made with their
> control-panel, IMHO).  Also, having everything by HTTP would present
> security holes for administration, and people'd be REALLY frustrated when
> things got hairy and they couldn't get at their docs.  TTYL!

That was indeed an oversight made by redhat.  Point well understood, but
you don't want to develop a whole GUI application that runs under X, just
because there is a chance there won't be any http server around to use to
configure your network.

The ncurses application would be great.  I'm just thinking back on the
projects I've developed, and how one little nice idea turns into a
monstrosity, that is completely unmanageable.

KISS.  Especially at first.  Even something like using dialog/ncurses
would be great.

Additionally, has anyone given any thought as to just how the network and
init scripts are going to be organized?  Hopefully there will be some
conformity with other systems.  I think redhat went a little crazy with
their organization of the network setup.  Too many files in too many


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