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Re: SEUL: Ghostview Font

> Actually, my biggest problem with Ghostview currently is the font.  I
> finally got it to display almost all of a page in the virtual screen so
> I can use my mouse to move around it.  But the font is pretty bad.
> The letters are big enough to read, it's just that the letters are
> somewhat jammed together and not very well shaped.
> Anyone know a cure for that???
I know the reason this is happening.  I don't know it there is an off the
shelf, pre-programmed solution in GhostScript (native) or Ghostview(UI).
Ghost script doesn't anti-alias it's display for video... (GS was originally
intended for print, and anti-aliasing print usually doesn't buy you much...
can even make a real mess on many printers).  If GhostScript or Ghostview
could me updated to generate the image at some multiple of the desired
viewing resolution, and the multiple pixels averaged to get the actual image,
the text should be much easier to read... this is certainly not as advanced
as the "hinting" available in TrueType, but it should do the trick.

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