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Re: SEUL: Documentation: info & postscript

> >3.  How many of us are kernel programmers?  If there aren't that many/any,
> >should we be so concerned with modifing the auto-detection mechanism of
> >the kernel, to probe for devices?
> nod. i know kernel.  but that doesn't mean i should hack it for seul, or that
> anyone else should.  question is: who will support kernel-based modifications?
> we should base the decision to do kernel hacking on whether it is not possible
> to do something otherwise.
> also, we should exploit modules.  modules are great.  they are what will keep
> kernel rebuilds and failures from happening for our users, imho.
Modules are great... I'm not disagreeing.  We still need a method to determine
which modules to install...

also I'm not saying that any of us should change the kernel... I'm just saying
that our auto-detection program would probably have to circumvent the kernel
memory/io protection to do it's checking....  If I am mistaken about how
we plan on doing this please correct me.  should we install a module, ask it
if it found hardware to drive, an if not un-install it?  ideas welcome.

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