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Re: SEUL: Documentation: info & postscript

> Modules are great... I'm not disagreeing.  We still need a method to
> determine which modules to install... 

Guess 'modprobe *' is out, eh? :)

> also I'm not saying that any of us should change the kernel... I'm just saying
> that our auto-detection program would probably have to circumvent the kernel
> memory/io protection to do it's checking....  If I am mistaken about how
> we plan on doing this please correct me.  should we install a module, ask it
> if it found hardware to drive, an if not un-install it?  ideas welcome.

The only problem with trying to install a module, seeing if it worked, and
uninstalling it otherwise is as follows.  The type of audience we are
catering to (at least at first) aren't going to be able to do much
debugging for us :)

We sure can't try every combination, and hope for the best.  How about we
probe for the common stuff, IDE, CDROM, SCSI, NIC, then ask the user for
other devices, like sound card, etc?  It seems those are the ones likely
to hang a machine...


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