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Re: SEUL: Auto-detecting hardware

> How is autodetection all that hard?  Maybe I missed something, but I thought 
> most of the drivers in the kernel could autoprobe quite cleanly.  Admittedly, 
> there are a few that can cause bad things if done in the wrong order, and 
> many can't detect multiple cards of the same driver (i.e. eth0, eth1, etc.), 
> but it's all there and it really only takes probing things during the install.

if you look at changelogs on some newer kernels, you'll notice many auto-
detections have been disabled, because they conflict with others...
also, usually in the kernel auto-detection is usually to find the address of a
card that is known to be installed, not to see if any of 1001 cards is pluged
into the system.

>[text ommitted already (sorry)]

in regards to printers, monitors, mice, modems, etc.  we'll have to do what 
windows does, and ask the user (or admin) what they plugged in... (some
periphs will tell if you ask, i.e. some newer monitors will communicate
specs over previously unused lines, but they need special video cards etc.)

I'm not saying we shouldn't use kernel-level auto-detection, but I don't think
that will work if things are only compiled as modules... 


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