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Re: SEUL: seul-dev-install

Just a few comments:

On  9 Aug 97,  Peter <seul-project@seul.org>  wrote:

> the seul target user may not know a thing about linux or os jargon

You bet most of the SEUL users won't know a single unix command.
By default, IMO, it may be best to assume the users know nothing 
about hardware, OSes, etc.

We somehow help the rest of the personnel here with their computer 
needs: People (and I'm talking about researchers) don't even know the 
most basic things on running a computer. Someone install the system 
to them and they get help whenever something strange occurs. As a 
matter of fact, the average users doesn't want to know anything about 
hardware, OSes, dependencies, viruses, lost clusters ... whatever.

This imposes a great need for automation to get the system accepted, 
so to say.

>  1. an fdisk/fips that rocks!

Yes, the Linux fdisk, to start with, sucks. Sorry to say so but 
people do not understand this about partitions, flags, swap, etc.
To have an fdisk for dummies would be terrific (neither my supervisor 
nor the old lady selling sausages at the corner stand nor the 
majority of people would understand Linux fdisk :-).

I am not stating people are 'idiots' because they won't understand 
fdisk but it is so. It is like the first time (in my early teens) I 
saw the MS-DOS prompt. I thought: What the hell is this ? :-)

I think Luka has proposed a very realistic approach to the help and 
doc system.


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