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Re: SEUL: seul-dev-install

On  9 Aug 97,  Erik Walthinsen <seul-project@seul.org>  wrote:

> 2) a semi-custom distrib, for instance one for marine biologists (i.e. Aldo):
>     This installs fewer nifty applets, more useful applications, including 
> scientific ones.

Thanks, this sounds terrific. However, I am sure such a SEUL package 
could be planned for a wider core of scientists (for instance, Earth 
scientists). The packages included'll do pretty well to most 
scientists (i.e. OS, office suite, stats, maths, programing [BASIC 
... yes, don't laugh :-), FORTRAN, Pascal and C/C+), the flagsships 
of visual data analyses & GIS as well as a set of utilities for 
networking, disk/file management, etc.

I can reach the marine scientist community with the news, make PR 
there and run surveys whenever SEUL needs it.


Aldo-Pier Solari <solaris@searn.sunet.se>, Fish.Res.Gr./ULP
Home: http://segate.sunet.se/fish-ecology/aps/index.html
Oath:          'I will not fail those with whom I serve'
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