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Re: SEUL: gui toolkits

> 1) Linux does not suffer from lack of developmet tools: because it has
> a very high density of programmers between its users, and because many
> software firms use it as a development platform ( it is very close and
> cheaper than commercial Unixes) there is a long time than firms
> selling development tools have ported them to LINUX.  In fact
> development tools is the category of software for UNIX with the highest
> proportion of LINUX ports.
> Of course they are not free, neither is Visual Basic.

But Visix (or whatever the VB compatible for Linux is called) sells for
$1,000 or so for the *non-professional* version.

I'd be willing to pay for one, but the price would need to be a little
more reasonable.  :-)

> 2) The goal of SEUL is NOT developping a GUI builder and it has more
> urgent needs.

Right.  Again, hopefully one of the listed projects will turn out
something useful.

> 3) You are going to develop a GUI builder.  A new one (you could try
> improving an existing one).  Single handedly.  How many man months do
> you think it takes to build a decent one?

No....certainly not single-handedly.  I might be willing to assist in a
project to do it.
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