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Re: SEUL: gui toolkits

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   Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 20:52:56 -0700
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   > Well, I've heard there is a GUI builder for tk, called
   > VisualTk or similar.
   > Also there is:
   > - A dialog editor for Qt, and a start for an IDE from
   >   the KDE team, unfortunately also Qt.
   > - The xclass/fOX team has started a GUI builder for the xclass
   >   library, not ready to be used, though.
   > - The LIP team will start working on an IDE, including
   >   a GUI builder, as soon as the LIP frameworks API
   >   has stablelized.
   > - Eventually the GNUstep folks want to have a clone of
   >   NeXT's Interface Builder app ready.
   > - There is xelphi (for Java), I don't know whether it's
   >   Free Software(?), and it's too buggy to be used so far.
   > - Besides the xforms thing already mentioned, there is a dialog
   >   editor for the wxWindows toolkit.
   > (There are some other GUI builders around, too)

   That's all great, but I seem to notice a common thread......either buggy
   or not ready to use.  Obviously, that needs to be rectified.  :-)

   We need something that WORKS - either now or very soon.  Hopefully one
   of these projects will deliver a decent system.  If not, I'd be about
   ready to start writing it!

1) Linux does not suffer from lack of developmet tools: because it has
a very high density of programmers between its users, and because many
software firms use it as a development platform ( it is very close and
cheaper than commercial Unixes) there is a long time than firms
selling development tools have ported them to LINUX.  In fact
development tools is the category of software for UNIX with the highest
proportion of LINUX ports.   

Of course they are not free, neither is Visual Basic.

2) The goal of SEUL is NOT developping a GUI builder and it has more
urgent needs.

3) You are going to develop a GUI builder.  A new one (you could try
improving an existing one).  Single handedly.  How many man months do
you think it takes to build a decent one?

			Jean Francois Martinez

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