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SEUL: Umm.. you guys ARE still alive!

Well, I just noticed that your web page was updated, so I guess you guys
are still around... I still have no idea why I haven't received any mail
from seul-project or seul-leaders since August... If someone can figure
out what's wrong with majorodormo, and get me re-subscribed, I am
interested in helping.

I have since gotten involved in discussion of the e-Linux distribution
project (formerly known as the KDE Linux Distribution project), and have
discovered that they, fortuanately, are not restricting themselves to KDE,
but are willing to adopt bigger-and-better things when they become availible.
My impression ith that this may become GNOME, and maybe eventually Berlin.
As SEUL and e-Linux have similar goals (at least this is my perception)
you may look into some collaborative effort.

I am also involved in discussion of Berlin, and hope to help develop the
Warsaw toolkit (the GUI toolkit for Berlin).  While I see Berlin having
great potential in projects such as e-Linux, and SEUL, I don't see it being
availible before Summer '99.  

I would appreciate any information on what I've missed with SEUL in the last
few months, and would like to offer my help if it's needed.


P.S.  Since I'm not receiving mail from the list, please CC: me any replies
to this message.