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Re: SEUL: GUI Toolkits and desktops

Reply-to: omega@omegacs.net

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Simon Kinahan wrote:

> I don't know if you guys know about this already, but the Gnome and KDE
> groups, (www.gnome.org and www.kde.org) are both already working on nice
> desktop environments for Linux. I see you plan to do the same, but that
> your lists do not seem to contain any mention of either project. 
I didn't know about Gnome, thanx for the pointer!

I just spent about a minute looking at their site, and I like what I see.
It uses Gtk, which has many advantages: it's GPL'd, it appears to be quite
popular, tcl/tk can be linked against it (meaning all those apps can be
Gtk-like as well), etc.

I don't know how far along they are, but I think it's something to
seriously consider.  I will look through their site some more and try to
decide on what to do initially.

> Gnome is pure GPL, whereas KDE is based on Qt, which is a problem. KDE
> is further along though, and may turn out 'simpler'.
The license is a serious issue, as I have been discussing with a few
people (I'll post a summary sometime soon).  I what I've seen of Gnome so
far, and I'll be able to play around with it a lot more in another week,
after finals are over...


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