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Re: SEUL: GUI Toolkits and desktops

Simon Kinahan wrote:
> I don't know if you guys know about this already, but the Gnome and KDE groups,
> (www.gnome.org and www.kde.org) are both already working on nice desktop
> environments for Linux.

And there are some more which are not as far, yet, e.g.
the Linux Interface Project(LIP) and fOX.

> I see you plan to do the same, but that your
> lists do not seem to contain any mention of either project.

I think at least the KDE was mentioned quite some time ago.
When I understand this correctly, SEUL doesn't want to create
a GUI all on it's own but rather pick existing solutions
as they fit and tweak them only enough to insure interoperability and
ease of use or fill gaps/add sopme glue when it's vital to an end user

> Gnome is pure GPL, whereas KDE is based on Qt, which is a problem.  KDE
> is further along though, and may turn out 'simpler'.

I hope the Free desktop projects produce interesting results
which can be used in a end-user friendly distribution such as
SEUL.  I agree KDE is sub-optimal in the long run _mainly_ due
to the license of Qt :(
> Simon