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Re: SEUL: GUI Toolkits and desktops

Kai Wetzel wrote:

> > (www.gnome.org and www.kde.org) are both already working on nice desktop
> > environments for Linux.

KDE is great.  I've been using Beta 1 for a few weeks now.  Beta 2 is
out, but I think I'll wait for the next release to switch, as Beta 1
seems fairly stable.

Frankly, it's EXACTLY what we're looking for in a UI.  End users seem to
love it, by the looks of the newsgroups.

However, as Omega mentioned, the license is a pretty big problem.  I am
hoping that Afterstep or Gnome will come through as a better overall
system, but it is my opinion that we should pick the BEST one - whatever
it may be.  Or, if it's close, the freest one.

That's just my opinion though, and that could create difficulty in
making sure all SEUL software is uniform.  We probably won't be using
KDE in any case... but it IS good to keep in mind.

> > Gnome is pure GPL, whereas KDE is based on Qt, which is a problem.  KDE
> > is further along though, and may turn out 'simpler'.

KDE comes in a nice distribution, but I immagine we'll be able to pack
up all Gnome stuff without much trouble.

> I hope the Free desktop projects produce interesting results
> which can be used in a end-user friendly distribution such as
> SEUL.  I agree KDE is sub-optimal in the long run _mainly_ due
> to the license of Qt :(