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SEUL: Re: package format

> If you are going to create a new package format, _please_ base it on the
> POSIX software packaging standard (I don't have the publication number here,
> but you can search for "software packaging" on IEEE's web site).

I know nothing about this sttandard, but I'll see what I can dig up.

> Debian will eventually switch to this package format. We have a new package
> tool (currently testing the GUI, back-end is incomplete) that is a lot
> easier than "dselect" but is still not for the computer-naive.
> Computer-naive people don't want to use the package manager at all,
> they want to check a box that says "I want to have a web site", etc.
> and go on. We are providing a shell-and-dialog hack to do this on
> Debian 2.0 .

The package manager isn't, primarily, for installation time. It's for when
our friend Joe User sees that his friend Jonny User has this great Linux
game (or tool or whatever) that Joe User wants to install on his system.

> I would offer to collaborate on packaging stuff, but Debian's obviously
> not going to put Qt in any of its tools, ever. Sorry!

Whoa! Who said anything about Qt... The idea is all the common tools that
need to be developed between e-linux and SUEL, (and maybe LinNet) will be 
done with a command line or prompt interface (a partition magic clone is
more likely to be interactive, so it would probably have a command prompt,
a package manager would install a list of programs once, so it may not...)
then if e-linux is still stuborn enough to stay with KDE, *THEY* will slap
a KDE interface on it... *SEUL* will slap a GNOME interface on it... (We
probably *BOTH* should slap a ncurses interfce on it... etc.)  I don't see
the probelm with Qt???  SEUL (as I recall anyway) already committed itself
to stearing clear of licenses more restrictive than GPL... No?

Comments? Suggestions?


P.S.  Pixar *ROCKS*... Been a big pixar fan for over 8 years!!!