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Re: SEUL: package format

At the end of this message is ordering information on the POSIX package
standard. It does offer services like RPM and DPKG, and Debian will
probably switch to it once the new package tool is deployed. We are
currently working on the .deb back-end, after that would come the .rpm
back-end and finally one for POSIX packages. Then it doesn't really matter
what package format you have, as they will all work together.

> I'd bet on GNOME, gtk, and gtk+, personally. (btw, what's the latest on
> Parc's ILU license?)

We're betting on GNOME as well. Now that they have a HTML widget in GTK
(a port of xMhtml), we're starting to see power equivalent to what there
is in Qt. Regarding ILU, it almost doesn't matter - the Olivetti ORB and
MINI are both LGPL-ed. Hopefully the Xerox guy will talk to their lawyers
about the license problem eventually.

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