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Re: SEUL: The Cathedral and the bazar

On 7 Jan 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> Then announce SEUL-0.0.1 and put the system available for download.
> That can be made in about two weeks.  Then begin to replace or improve
> parts of RedHat be it parts of the installation system or components.
> Make frequent releases.  Keep moving.  And your users will be the
> people who will make most of the work either by combing the net and
> carrying you the jewels they find or by writing software for SEUL be
> it for improving install or applicative software.
PRECISELY!  From what I've been able to grep, the adding of packages to
RedHat is VERY easy, so starting out with a minimal package makes it
easier to download our work.  I think we can do some improvements on the
installer, etc.  I'll post my further ideas on improvements for the
installer to seul-dev-distrib.  TTYL!

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