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SEUL: The Cathedral and the bazar


First of all install a recent fetchmail.  In its doc there is an
URL about "the Cathedral and the bazar", download the file aand read
it.  It is about the anarchic development model of Linux, why it works
and the recipes for making it work.

Now than you have read it.

The problem with SEUL is than it is adopting the Cathedral model like
in GCC: careful maturing, hoping creating the lastest and greatest

What is needed is the bazar aproach like in Linux kernel: start
humble, frequent releases, enthousiasm.  So let's see how to do it.

Pick an RH5: it is not a bad starting point. Add a couple of packages
you think they are missing and remove another couple thab you think
they are redundant or useless for our purpose.  Replace the heavy use
INND and SENDMAIL by lighter and easier software more suited to home
users.  No system is difficult if you can get help.  Include Wowen
Goods in it (a good doc can make a difficult system, easy), find
speaking German to translate the Introductory Kurs in Caldera Lite.

Then announce SEUL-0.0.1 and put the system available for download.
That can be made in about two weeks.  Then begin to replace or improve
parts of RedHat be it parts of the installation system or components.
Make frequent releases.  Keep moving.  And your users will be the
people who will make most of the work either by combing the net and
carrying you the jewels they find or by writing software for SEUL be
it for improving install or applicative software.

This the way for making progress, not by tring to be perfect from the

			Jean Francois Martinez

==================== The Linux.  Use the Linux, Luke! =======================