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Re: SEUL: Project announcement and call for Linux sites

Reply-to: omega@seul.org

On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Loren S Osborn wrote:

> I know that the e-linux team has been dormant for the last couple weeks, but
> I think we should contact them, and combine forces before making a widespread
> public announcement... I *DO NOT* think that e-linux and SEUL should become
> one distribution, but I think they should share the same lineage...

Yes, this would be a very good thing.  I think e-Linux, Linnet, and SEUL
could (and should!) share the same underlying distribtion, and can share
the majority of the software and tools.

I will attempt to contact Linnet and e-Linux leaders and propose this
solution, as a way to decrease the total amout of work needed.  I think
this trio of products, if all similar enough to each other, could
obliterate the competition.  Consider the following mapping:

Win95   -> SEUL
WinNT   -> e-Linux
backend -> Linnet

If we can coordinate all this in one release, sharing all the resources we
have, we could do some serious damage to M$.

I'll e-mail the leaders of e-Linux and Linnet to see what they think.


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