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SEUL: Project announcement and call for Linux sites

> Omega thinks he announced this earlier, but didn't find the mail in a brief
> search, so I'll make sure it's been said.  We're currently planning to do a
> very broad announce of the SEUL Project sometime next Monday morning. This
> includes posting to comp.os.linux.advocacy and similar newsgroups, sending
> mail to redhat-announce and similar mailing lists, and sending mail to the
> webmasters of various linux-oriented sites asking to be added to their list
> of linux projects.

As I mentioned last week, I think that e-linux and SEUL may have many common
goals, and I *SERIOUSLY* think that adapting e-linux into SEUL would be
quite easy.  I know about the issue about KDE and licencing, and my knowledge
of the plans of the e-linux team doesn't seem to be highly tied to KDE... 
(It should be easy enough to rip out FDE ad replace it with GNOME.)  I
believe that there are several system tools that need to be build to
facalitate *BOTH* e-linux and SEUL!!!  I think these tools (I'll post on
what I think these should be a little later.) should be done with a
commandline interface (hear me out) so that they are easy to embed behind an
ncurses or a GUI interface... also easy to embed in scripts.  

I know that the e-linux team has been dormant for the last couple weeks, but
I think we should contact them, and combine forces before making a widespread
public announcement... I *DO NOT* think that e-linux and SEUL should become
one distribution, but I think they should share the same lineage...

All comments and suggestions welcome,