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SEUL: Re: Minilinux

> From: "Star's End" <starsend@interlog.com>
> tinyX uses the xlib5 and a.out format. Another distribution at sunsite I
> was looking at is minilinux. It is a complete linux distribution with an
> X server (I don't know which but probably svga), and it fits of 5 disks.
> I haven't downloaded or tried it yet, but I was toying with the idea over
> the summer before the RedHat decision was made.
> B.T.

I did download minilin from sunsite - its basically a stripped out (old)
version of slackware that as you say fits on about 4 or 5 disks. It was
basically too old to do anything much (its a.out format only) but it works -
I installed it on a friend's machine for them to try out linux.
It installs umsdos (!) linux for you simply using pkzip, and its configured to 
work with the ISP that made it, although it does have an *old* version of
X which works on just about anything standard at the time it was made 
(vga server). Its very simple to make your own version of the same thing -
an idea I toyed with (for the use of friends who didn't want to commit to
a full install, but wanted to 'try') until I heard about Seul.