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SEUL: Project announcement and call for Linux sites

Omega thinks he announced this earlier, but didn't find the mail in a brief
search, so I'll make sure it's been said.  We're currently planning to do a
very broad announce of the SEUL Project sometime next Monday morning. This
includes posting to comp.os.linux.advocacy and similar newsgroups, sending
mail to redhat-announce and similar mailing lists, and sending mail to the
webmasters of various linux-oriented sites asking to be added to their list
of linux projects.

I haven't read much of the recent seul-project mail yet (I resumed 'Real Work'
in earnest this week), and I've been way too busy just making sure my machine
(belegost, aka www.seul.org, aka majordomo.seul.org) was able to handle the
load you guys are giving it. (Luka will be lending me some more simms in a
few weeks, so I'll be moving to 224 megs real ram. Win.)

But I wanted to make sure this had actually been announced to the list.

Summary: we need to come up with three things:

-- Something to post to the newsgroups and *-announce lists that will
   convince people SEUL is cool enough to investigate. We anticipate
   getting perhaps a few hundred more subscribes soon after the announcement
   (currently seul-project has a membership of 101.)  I've been figuring
   I would write this announcement, but I'd love to hear from other people
   who are interested in doing it, given everything else I'm working on.
   It should be a couple of very strong paragraphs, nothing too long,
   detailing what seul is, why seul is necessary, what we're working on
   right now, where seul is and how to join it (that would be a very
   short section), etc. If somebody wants to take charge of writing or
   organizing a draft of this, please let me know.

-- A list of places we'll be sending the announcement, besides the above
   two.  Can somebody figure out if there's a debian-announce?
   slackware-announce? linux-announce? is this the wrong material for
   any of those lists?

-- A list of places we'll be notifying of our project via personal mail.
   All the linux websites out there that say "please send me mail if you
   have a project not listed here."

-- And the fourth of the three things: is our website good enough? It's
   still pretty barren. A 'wishlist' (or tasklist, if you prefer) page
   is in the works. What else do we need? See below about the seul-pub

Omega and I are nearly buried by trying to keep everything going, and
continuing 'normal' activities. There's a lot of activity around here.
We need more leaders who share our goal.

We just created the seul-pub list, for discussion of seul publicity
sorts of things. This is where discussion of our website should go,
for instance. Start subscribing to it if you like, and eventually
we'll try to move those threads over to it.

Thanks, and hope the mailserver is working well enough so far. (I've
served over 10,000 messages and many thousand webhits in the past
few days. Let's see a pentium-based Microsoft machine do that. ;)