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Re: SEUL: Migration to seul-dev-* lists

> I'll start a thread about getting a minimal dist together on
> seul-dev-distrib, lets see if anyone's willing to do work...
Cool!  It may be a little while (week or two) before anything can be put in 
the CVS repo, as I have a lot of infrastructure work ahead of me before I can 
get all the pieces in place.

If there is anyone here who can do embedded perl (embperl or ePerl) 
scripting, and/or mysql access/control in perl, please, please e-mail me.  I 
need all the help I can get.  I'm swamped!

> I trust the proper subscription method is mailing
> seul-dev-*-request@seul.org with subscribe in the subject.
Yup.  Everything's set up and ready to go.  Just be nice to poor old
belegost... :-)

Just wanted to mention again the seul-pub list.  It's there for discussion of 
anything web-site or announce related, or anything that's of general concern 
as far as overall project publicity goes.

Whew, my fingers are tired.


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