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Re: SEUL: Feature List take Two

Star's End wrote:
> 1) The list is to stay intact. You may add to it but don't edit it.
> I don't care that were wasting bandwidth. Its better to have a dozen
> real lists floating around, then a dozen snippets of lists.

Well, I see your point.  However, I prefer reading mails
with only relevant section quoted, but this only works
if people tend to read all messages of a thread.
I try to switch to extended quoting for this particular
thread since it seems to be useful, though ;)
> 2) The only comments to be accepted is a url pointing to where an
> application can be found or additions of applications to the wishlist.

Hmm, I think the list can also gain from comments about
its structure, etc.  The better the skelleton is when
we're through in a couple of days, the less work it will
mean for you to maintain and for other people to add
items to the list :O)

> 3) No religious wars. I don't care if you think KDE is better than GNOME
> or vice versa. What we are doing here is listing all the potential assets
> available to the project.

Well, I think it's a good idea to mention short-coming of
particular applications.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't
include these apps - don't get me wrong - but it could
mean that we're more likely to be happy if an alternative arrives.

> Okey The List:

Generally very good already, but I'd suggest some
changes to the category, especially to avoid we end
up with one or two dreaded miscellaneous categories
which get filled up with all kinds of apps.

I would also suggest to add sub-categories in some cases.
It's up to you in the end, these are just my (hopefully
somewhat useful) suggestions.

(I use + for sub-categories, - for entries,
$ for shareware / gratisware, $$ for payware )

> Operating System Includes:

Maybe "Desktop Components" ? Hmm...

I hope it's ok if I add some items without a URL.  If nobody has
one at hand, I can search for it later on and give it to you.

>         filemanagers

- xfm
- explorer (based on Qt)
- oxplorer (fOX explorer, not sure about the name)
- kfm (KDE file manager, somewhere on http://www.kde.org)

+ Floppy/Iomega-Zip GUI tool (?)

>         screen savers

+ (should we list) window managers (here, too ?)

>         configuration Utilities:

I like the name "Control Panels" for these.  Sounds nice IMO.
A somewhat special case of control panels are those which
are more administration oriented, e.g. a panel to add/remove

>                 PPP configuration

   - EZPPP
   - KPPP (or similar, http://www.kde.org)

>                 DNS config

+ font installer/mover
+ X resolution config (etc.)
+ mouse config
+ printer chooser

+ simple "Admin" stuff
   + user/group manipulation
   + add tasks for cron/anacron (or what's it called ?) (?)


In this case we _could_ have an actual entry "office suits"
for those cases were multiple components are provided
(star-office, etc.) as well as the individula categories below.
Maybe ?

>         word processor

- lynx (Really ???)

>         spread sheet
>         graphics presentation program

+ editors (?)
   - nedit

>         *calendar/scheduling
>         *contact manager
>         **fax server
>         **voice server
>         **relational database
>         front end for said RDB.

I'd suggest to move "**" items out of this category, possibly
even "*" to merge with "GROUPWARE" possibly, resp. power apps
or back-end in the case of RDB.

I hope I'm not too picky here, but I don't think most
people would shop for PostgreSQL in the OFFICE SUITES
category (But very well for a nice GUI fron-end, like
an Access for SQL or so :)

> Financial Software

How about "Business & Financing" ?
(Just an idea)

>         Book keeping
>         accounts package

+ tax software (?)

>         decision support

So this items is mostly about analyzing financial data ?
If yes, were should we put database-based management
information systems ?  (Whatever they are called in english :)

> Power Apps

+ workflow management
+ management information systems
+ RDB (from above)
+ document management (?)
+ DTP/Layout
+ font editor (good category ?)
+ software dealing with maps (planning, etc.)

>         photoshop ripoff - GIMP www.gimp.org

How about a new category "GRAPHICS & MULTIMEDIA" ?
+ image manipulation and paint apps
   - The GIMP (http://www.gimp.org)
   - $: xv
+ drawing packages
+ "Musical programs"
   + note processors
   + MIDI / sound manipulation / cutting / input (?)
+ Multimedia authoring tools
+ video/animation tools
+ video/sound/CD player

>         3D rendering    - POVRAY ( http://www.povray.org )

And from other contributions to the list:
3d modeling
   - Mind's Eye
3d animation

Inspite of the fact that some apps handle more then
one of the above.

>         General CAD
>         Specialized CAD
> Scientific
>         data visualization
   - Khoros (??)
>         statistical packages
> Games
   - Quake

Why not keap the following categories ?

Internet Software

(Network / Connectivity , maybe Groupware here, too ?)

   - html/sgml browsers
      + Mnemonics (not ready, yet)
      + $: Netscape
      + QWeb ( http://sunsite.auc.dk/qweb/ )
      + gzilla
   - html editor
      + $: Netscape
   - web-site management/web-authoring
   - graphical e-mail client
      + $: Netscape
   - ftp client
      + kfm (somewhat, http://www.kde.org)
      + $: Netscape
   - news reader
      + $: Netscape.
   - IRC client
   - telnet (?)
   - graphical mail-filter setup (like in Netscape)
     for the "Control Panels" directory.

   - IDE
      + XEmacs
      + xwpe (or similar)
   - Java (?)
   - debugger
      + (gdb &) xgdb
      + (gdb &) ddd

How about this:

Miscellaneous ;O)
   + Emulators
      - Executor
      - WINE

> Final Comments:
>         If you are adding a particular app, please try to use the
> existing categories if at all possible.

Hmm, I think we have to flesh it out just a little more.
It won't hurt to have some more comments on this, too, so
we end up with something we don't have to modify anytime soon
because we have the experience of enough people in it.

>         If you know of an app that fits the bill, please add it to the
> list.

I'll do :O)

The most nicely done list of Linux apps I know of:

Should we only add those we tried or also those which
someone should try/review to this list ?

> B.T.

Best regards,

(I don't have to Cc you, right ?)