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SEUL: Feature List take Two

Hello, I'm the one that put up the wish list of applications.
I was trying to find out what people who are still actively looking
at this list want out of this thing were making.

Let's try this again.


1) The list is to stay intact. You may add to it but don't edit it.
I don't care that were wasting bandwidth. Its better to have a dozen
real lists floating around, then a dozen snippets of lists.

2) The only comments to be accepted is a url pointing to where an 
application can be found or additions of applications to the wishlist. 

3) No religious wars. I don't care if you think KDE is better than GNOME
or vice versa. What we are doing here is listing all the potential assets
available to the project.

Okey The List:

Operating System Includes:
	screen savers
	configuration Utilities:
		PPP configuration
		DNS config
	word processor
	spread sheet
	graphics presentation program
	contact manager
	fax server
	voice server
	relational database
	front end for said RDB.

Financial Software
	Book keeping
	accounts package
	decision support

Power Apps
	photoshop ripoff - GIMP www.gimp.org
	3D rendering	- POVRAY
	General CAD	
	Specialized CAD

	data visualization
	statistical packages


Final Comments:
	If you are adding a particular app, please try to use the 
existing categories if at all possible.
	If you know of an app that fits the bill, please add it to the