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Re: SEUL: Seeking maintainer.., and legal knowledge, etc.

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> I'd go for either the Camel book (if you can learn from a ref book), or 

OReilly has another book now.  It's got a llama instead of a camel.  It's
more introductory than the camel book, and I like it a lot.

> True, but they still had to do the work.  Anyone out there know about the 
> legalities here?  Anyone with legal experience who can help out on other 

It's legal.  Any information which is generally available or available
without an NDA is generally legal to own, and nothing is copyrightable
except by the original author. MS can't dig up information that they
didn't produce and declare it copyrighted.  Their copyrights only apply to
code, and to data originating with them.