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Re: SEUL: Re: Comments (fwd)

> > If you ever want these programs written, DON'T talk about writing them -
> [...]
> Well, I thing the above list is pretty useful.  It's useful for
> setting up an end-user distribution because you could fill in
> actual apps which "compete for user attention" in each category
> as well as for new app developers who want to start hacking but
> would like to produce something they want to have _and_ which is
> demanded by other people.

That was the point of the list to begin with. A distribution for the
home or office is only going to be attractive if there are applications
to run.

I realize that some or all of what I listed exists or is under active
development. But are we going to create distribution rpms for them?

I have been listed on this mailing list for nine months now. I am
tired of the religous wars, and about which technology would suit
our purposes better.

We want to create a new distribution for a class of users who don't
want learn linux. They want to turn on the computer, type in user/login
get a windowing system, and hit the wordprocessing icon on the desktop.

> The list could also be the basis for a summary of features
> typical programs of each category may include.
> Then this list could even be used as a guide for end-users
> who want to compare different packages which are available.
> IMHO this is an interesting starting point.  (Of course not
> a sufficient one, but maybe helpful as we go on.)

The question still arises What applications do you want and use
on a computer. I have posted my list. Try adding something instead 
of commenting on why the list is good or bad. By the end of the month
we will have a wishlist of what the distribution should include.

Then start designing the distribution around what is wanted.