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Re: SEUL: Re: Comments (fwd)

> I'm about 12 hours away from pulling Linux off my hard drive, after
> using it as my primary operating system for well over a year. After an
> upgrade to RH 5, the box refuses to dial out (not for PPP, not even
> under minicom, not even if I cat modem strings by hand to the serial
> port). Red Hat says this isn't an "installation" problem, therefore they
> offer no support; there were a number of similar problems posted to the
> Red Hat support lists, but no one ever replied to any of the posts...
> I've gone so far as to write to the original posters and ask if they've
> ever found a solution.

1) Check if the modem is connected to the right device.
	/dev/modem is a symlink to something else normally /dev/cua0.
	I always have a problem with this because my modem is

2) Recompile the kernel with networking. I have no idea why this works
but it does sometimes.

> I maintain hundreds of documents on the web. Linux is not a cute toy for
> me. I  simply can't afford to be down for a week or two playing with my
> operating system. If I don't come up with something by tomorrow morning,
> I have no choice but to pull Linux, reformat for Win95, and reinstall my
> old Windows graphics software.

Why did you upgrade your system anyway if you have such a critical 

> I'm a pretty geeky end-user, and a (former??...I guess as as a matter of
> integrity I'll be pulling my linux pages) Linux evangelist. But I can't
> solve this problem, at least not in anything like the time frame I need
> to.
The solution was to reinstall the old system. When a friend of mine upgraded
to win95 two years ago, All his old apps didn't work. Solution go back to win 
31. That is always a solution with linux. 

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