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Re: SEUL: "Just write it!" and plans (fwd)

> I do not intend to plan this project into the ground.  I simply want to 
But that is what you are doing. We have been talking about this project
since June without any real results.

> decide on some basic goals first, then develop code as an instance of those 
> goals (OO, here we go..).  Beyond a certain level, coding can happen.  But if 
> coding happens before we decide what to include, and that code isn't what we 
> decide to include, it gets left out, and the work that person put into this 
> program is (in the context of the project) wasted.
> The reason we must at least write out what our goals are and how, at a 
> certain relatively high level, we intend to accomplish those goals, the 
> number of "throw-away" programs become unacceptably high.  I don't want the 
> time and effort of all these talented people to go to waste like that.

But it is going to waste right now anyway. 

> > Don't let your craftspeople lose interest.  Harness it while you have
> > it.
> Hence my goal of end-of-January to start actually building things.
The end-of-July date came and went, the end-of September date came and went.